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We started the Lobster Dog Food Truck out with a simple idea and 1 truck, to create a concept that focuses on a limited menu with premium ingredients and able to get premium prices for the product, Every day since we’ve refined our business model and Focus on the details. The result is a system that is profitable and scalable.  Owning a Lobster Dogs franchise, you’re investing in a business that can help you build long-term wealth, be your own boss, and leave a legacy for your family.

Investing in a  Lobster Dogs franchise is an opportunity to invest in a proven business model, an established brand, and a team that knows how to maximize profits. So you can build a business with bigger growth potential and less risk.

Basic Q's & A's

Question: How Much is a Lobster Dogs Franchise?
Answer: $35,000
7% Monthly royalty fee

Question: Why would I buy a Lobster Dogs Food Truck franchise instead of opening my own food truck?

Answer: Lobster Dogs food truck is a very unique and growing concept, with extremely high-profit margin and low overhead, we have created a very efficient concept and will give you the tools to run your own efficient business to maximize your profits. We assist our franchisees through every phase, that is necessary for them to be in business. From the building of a truck with the correct health department compliant equipment, to the efficient operation workflow, to event planning and distribution, we take all the “guess-work” out of how to enter and be effective and highly competitive in the ever-growing Food Truck industry.

Question: What sort of ongoing support and guidance will I have as a Franchisee?

Answer: Management team provides you with continuous marketing support, new menu items, recipes, progressive design in our products & buying power, we have long-standing relationships with major distribution companies allowing you to make a smooth transition through your startup. 

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